Artist’s Statement
Judith Menges - Glass Art Design

“Glass exceeds all other modes of visual expression in its infinite capacity to be not only translucent and tactile, but an unusual medium, that allows for creativity that is not possible with other forms of art.”
After opening my glass art studio (Est. 1999) I experimented with different methods of firing and layering glass in the kiln, to make a distinctive range of Bowls & Wall-hung Glass Art Panels

Method - Painting with Glass mediums
The surface of the glass is built up in layers in the kiln. The first firing lays down the base colours and in subsequent firings more glass layers are added, followed by special lenses, dichroic glass, shading and highlights. This process gives the glass its unique sculptural aspect and creates wonderfully tactile and reflective surfaces.

All my ‘Glass Art’ pieces are one-of-a-kind, as the nature of the kiln, glass colours & inclusions ensure that no two designs are alike. Each year the body of work evolves and changes, so as to remain fresh and distinctive.

My work has been exhibited in many galleries in the UK and abroad as can be seen on the
exhibition page.
Current Themes & Inspiration for Wall-hung Glass Art & Bowls

• Gemstones, Birthstones, Zodiac & Anniversary Stones - Glass Art Series: Inspired by large, close-up images of transparent and opaque gemstones in their natural state. (Glass Art Panels & Bowls)

• Planets & Our Solar System - Realistic ‘Glass Art’ images inspired by NASA’s true colour pictures of the planets and stars. (Glass Art Panels & Bowls)

• Natural World – Encompassing Flowers, Orchids, Birds, Butterflies & Insects etc. See other images in galleries online. (Glass Art Panels, Bowls & Coasters)

• Bespoke Glass Art: Tailored to clients specifications, theme and colours e.g.
- Connors Moon: Commissioned Glass Art bowl of a client’s photographic image of the moon (See Planet Bowls)
- A series of Amber inspired glass art panels made for a restaurant. (See Wall-hung Amber)
- A glass print of a client’s rainy photograph was fired onto the surface of the glass. (Fine clear glass rods created the rain and light silver culets depicted the cobbles in the street.)

‘Wall-hung ‘Glass Art’ Panels Single Panel(s) to
500mm, Triptychs - (to suit).
‘Glass Art’ Bowls –
200mm - 400mm (Larger by commission - See Technical Page.
Hanging and Displaying your Glass
Technical Information page.

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