The St. Albans Museum - Gallery
St. Peters Street, St. Albans AL1 3DH

"Earth Works"

May 27th to June 11th 2023
Please check Museum opening times
Refreshments & Light Snacks.

Judith's Art is presented in two formats:

Sculptural Kiln Formed Glass Wall Art & Sculptures
made in Fired Clay, Cast Glass & Bronze presented with ancient artefacts in the same material.

'Earths Natural Elements'

Classical: Elements typically refer to Water, Earth, Fire, Air & Aether (The Void), which were proposed to explain the nature & complexity of all matter.

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'The Periodic Table of Elements'

Scientific: The Periodic Table of Elements represents the Metals, non-Metals & Gas that make up the forms of our Earth & Universe.

Commission a single panel or a set, see my website for ideas.
Each piece will be a one-off & exclusive.

Cast Glass Sculptures: Body Forms

"Inspired by the humans who live on & use the Earth, its minerals, gasses & solid forms."
The three sculptures - Made in Fired Clay, Glass & Bronze are displayed with Ancient Roman Artefacts made in the same materials.

'I am Woman, See me, Feel me, Touch me
& I will stand by you, forever.'

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Images: Showing three Large Sculptures of a Womans Torso (L. to R.)
Original Fired Clay Sculpture: Design & sculpture by Judith Menges
Transparent Cast Glass Sculpture: Smooth & sensual to the touch
Transparent Cast Glass Sculpture: With original sculpting marks sold.
Glass Cast by Bruno Romanelli at his glass foundry
Bronze Sculpture: Cast by Ian Wells at his bronze foundry

Method of Making Cast Glass
The Original Fired Clay sculpture is covered in a rubber mold material, then a 2 piece plaster cast is formed around it. The original fired clay is removed & wax is poured in; when set, the wax is taken out.

Then a second 2 piece cast is made; the wax melted out (Lost Wax Method of casting)
Then glass is put into the new cast (by weight) & it is fired over 12 hours in a kiln - then annealed, 4- 6 weeks (cooled slowly) over 4 - 6 weeks, depending on the thickness of the Glass.
All glass sculptures weigh 20 kilos.

Finishes: Glass & Bronze
Opaque Glass: The cast glass is cleaned,then sandblasted.
Transparent & Silky Smooth: Sand blasted then polished in a acid bath.
Transparent with sculpture marks: Polished in a Acid bath
Bronze: Cast by lost wax method (as above) then Bronze resin is poured into cast then fired.
All three sculptures: Size: H. 403 mm W. 250 mm

If you would like to see Judith’s Wall-hung Glass Art Panels or Glass Art Bowls in person get in touch via the contact page.

Kiln Formed Glass Art.
Six different glass series, made as Glass Wall Art, Triptychs or Large Glass Bowls.

The Planets, Moons & Nebulae's in our Galaxy:
Images inspired by NASA discoveries over the past 40 years see Mars III.
See Planets Series for more images.

3 Views of Mars
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Gemstones, Birthstones, Anniversary Stones

Glass Art inspired by Gemstones in their natural state. Personalised art for your home or as a gift.

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Botanical Glass Art

Wall Art, Triptychs and large Bowls (Orchids, Roses, Lilies, etc.

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Medical Art; Sci-Art

Glass Art Images of the body: Slides & tissues images, made as Realistic Art, Abstract Art & Conceptual Art.
(Not shown on Website – new Images on commission.

Past Exhibitions

Parndon Mill Exhibition 2019
Exhibition cabinet - Judith Menges
Take 5 Artists Exhibition information

Judith Menges would like to invite you to an exhibition

Take5 Exhibition

Judith will be showcasing alongside 4 other artists for an inspiring exhibition of art.

Open Monday 3rd to Sunday 16th September 2018
Opening Times:
Monday to Sunday 10am - 4.30pm
Friday until 8pm 
Note: Closing day - 16th September. Closing time is 3pm. 

Judith’s work features in many galleries and private collections in this country and abroad.
Her speciality is making large panels of glass and Triptychs;
interjecting her clients chosen theme or colours into Glass Art.

Take5 invite

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Herts Visual Arts - Spring Exhibition
at the New Maynard Gallery


New Maynard Gallery
The Campus Theatre
AL8 6BX  Welwyn Garden City

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

The Hertfordshire Visual Arts group, Spring exhibition
showcases a sample of the Artists that will be participating in the Yearly, Open Studio venues throughout Hertfordshire in September.

The theatre is a pleasant place to visit,  as there are always lots of daily movies and plays, a place to get a snack, and relax in the lounge.

Glorious Glass Exhibit - Buckinghamshire County Museum
2 Feb - 23 March 2019 
A celebration of 20 years of glass design in the Industry by the UK Contemporary Glass Society.

September 2018

Take5 Exhibition

The Hertfordshire Visual Arts group, Spring exhibition

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Childwickbury Arts Fair
July 2015

Childwickbury Arts Fair 2015

Hertfordshire Visual Arts
Member/Exhibitor 2000 - to present. Yearly Exhibition during September.

Contemporary Glass Society
Professional Member 1999 to present & On-line Gallery.

National Glass Association UK
2004 Exhibition of Professional Glass Makers in the UK.

Childwickbury Arts Fair
St Albans, Herts. (2015, 2012, 2011, 2006 to 2008 ) Art & Music.

PS Art Gallery
Knebworth, Herts. - Artist’s Exhibition - New Exhibition to be announced.

The Art Shed Gallery
Hertford, Herts. Gemstone/Birthstone Glass Art Bowls (On-going).

Obsidian Art Gallery
Supplier of Insect Coasters and Glass Art (2008 - 2012).

Artscape Arts, Upstairs Gallery - HVA
Yearly September exhibition -12 years (Gallery now closed).

Butterfly World
St. Albans - Art Exhibition (2009 - 2010) Featured Artist.

Copper Beech Gallery
Little Wymondsly, Herts. SG4 7HE - Featured Artist.

Trestle Theatre Art Gallery
St Albans - Solo Exhibit (2004 & 2009).

Cassiel Art Gallery
Rye, East Sussex, 2008 – 2009 (Gallery now closed).

White Rooms Ltd. Gallery
London (Hotel Display).

Direct Art Ltd. Gallery
Bedfordshire 2010-2011 Featured Artist (Gallery now closed).

Beverley Knowles Fine Art Gallery
Notting hill Hill, London April 2005 - ('She Exists' Three Women Artists) Featured Artist.

ING Bank, Discerning Eye Ltd., Platform 100
London (2004) Mars was the first piece in the exhibit to be purchased.

International Galleries & Corporate Gifts
ongoing supply of large ‘Glass Art’.

For more information contact Judith:

All images & work © Judith Menges.