Kiln Formed Glass

Periodic Table of Elements: Made as Wall-hung conceptual & abstract glass images or large bowls. The Images are inspired by the Metal & Non-metal Elements of the Periodic Table.
Extras - Glass panels can be made flat like a painting to be wall hung, or curved for a table, in a wood stand. I can also put the element name and number on the Panels - your choice.

Most of these images are sold. New images made will always be a one-off because of colour choice and firing schedules.  1999 to 2022.

Six series of kiln-formed glass. Made as glass wall-art, glass triptychs and one-of-a-kind gemstone inspired bowls.

  • 'Earth's Seven Natural Elements'
    (Series 1: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal & Aether - The Void)
    (Series 2: Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Aether.) By commission.
  • 'The Periodic Table of Elements'
    The Minerals, Gases made as conceptual & abstract Wall-Hung Glass-Art Panels and Bowls.
  • The Planets, Moons & Nebulas in our Universe.
    (NASA Inspired Images made as Wall-Hung Glass Art & Large Bowls.)
  • Gemstone inspired Glass Wall-Art & Large Bowls.
  • Our Natural World.
    (Botanical Glass Art, Birds & Insects made as Glass Wall-Art & Large Bowls.)
  • Medical Art / Sci-Art. This was the first series I made as Wall Art and commissioned Bowls. New images by commission only. See the process of commissioning a bespoke piece of Glass Art. Images on Request.

Each piece of glass art is unique

Each sculptural kiln formed piece is a bespoke design. No two images are alike, as your choice of theme, colour combinations & firing schedule will determine the finished result.

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All images & work © Judith Menges.